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Official Translations

An ‘official’ translation is generally defined as a translation that has been stamped by an authority. Pursuant to Presidential Decree 169 of 17/06/2002 (Greek Official Government Gazette 156/2.7.02) and indicatively the Document ΔΙΣΚΠΟ/Φ22/5583 of the Ministry of the Interior and the Decision 2799/2013 of the Greek Council of State, we offer official translations of all types of documents (civil status documents, certificates, degrees, licences, certificates of criminal record, etc.), acceptable by public and private bodies in Greece and abroad.


Non-specialised general texts
Correspondence, articles, essays, etc.

Legal texts
Contracts, agreements, judicial decisions and court orders, records, lawsuits, Official Government Gazette articles, proxies, testaments, formal declarations, etc.

Civil status documents
Certificates of birth, marriage, death, etc.

Formal qualifications
Degrees and diplomas, certificates of language competence, certificates of competence, training certificates, certificates of participation, etc.

Other certificates
Affirmations, attestations, sworn statements, affidavits, certificates of criminal record, military service records, etc.

Financial texts
Balance sheets, tax documents and income tax clearance certificates, bank statements, other financial texts, etc.

Medical texts
Medical reports, medical certificates, medical texts of all kinds

Technical texts
Manuals, instructions, guidance material, tutorials, scientific texts and articles and, in general, technical texts of all content

Literary texts of all kinds

Websites and e-shops

Curricula vitae (CV) & recommendation and reference letters

Promotional material
Advertisements, brochures, product catalogues etc.

Tourism texts, travel guides, menus, etc.

Theses, dissertations, projects



Spelling, grammar, linguistic and content check, as well as terminology check of already translated documents.


We undertake the typewriting of texts in all languages covered by our translation centre.


Translation and editing of subtitles.
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